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Why Spamina ?
Last Updated 2 years ago

SPAMINA, is a European-based security company that develops and provides corporations with flexible and Secure Digital Communications. Managing and mitigating cyber-crime related risk is critical.

Widely known electronic communications means such as email, as well as the increasingly used instant messaging, are channels where the corporate digital assets can be jeopardized.
Simile Fingerprint FilterĀ® proprietary technology protects corporate networks from advanced and zero-day threats.

Spamina provides a safe communication environment where business continuity, service scalability and cost-effectiveness are ensured. Our cloud services range from enterprise secure email platform, enterprise mobile management, email & IM gateway protection to archiving and encryption & DLP solutions for legal compliance. A cloud environment involves storage and transfer of digital information so Spamina is subject to the most demanding EU regulations in terms of data protection and is committed to ensuring the highest security standards available to safeguard digital information.

Enhance protection against Phishing and Persistent Advanced Threats (APTs) through email.
Enhancing the security of the O365 environment.
Improve the reputation of the company preventing the entrance of bulk mailing lists.

To hire an email solution that is secure and ready to detect and block cyber attacks. To provide the company with a corporate instant messaging solution that guarantees privacy and control of communications.
To make collaboration tools available to employees to help improve productivity.

To archive, search and retrieve emails in real time, guaranteeing their integrity before audits and legal requirements. To encrypt the email to maintain the confidentiality of the data and the conversations.
To define automatic policies to prevent leakage of data and confidential information, either from external intrusion or involuntary error.